Posting Trucks to the Wholesale Truck Locator
Explains the process for posting units on this website.

How Do I List Trucks?

  • Powered by the SOARR Truck Sales and Management Software, the process of listing trucks is never a manual process.
  • Automatically Update all of you wholesale listings when you update your online inventory with the click of a button in SOARR.
  • Aging Inventory can be set to automatically roll over from your retail Internet Inventory to the Wholesale Truck Locator.  Giving you piece of mind that when your inventory starts to age, it is being marketed.
  • Prices can be pre-determined, or set at the time of upload.
  • Changing the price is easily done from a screen in the SOARR software as in the screen below!
  • Real-time control of your listings and never have to re-input specs or photos!

What Do You Need?

  • SOARR Truck Sales and Management Software.
  • Internet Marketing Service (includes website).
  • Trucks you would like to wholesale!.

Signing Up

Click here and complete the online membership application. For more information, call (800) 407-6117 or email us at


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